Everybody asks where the name Doron came from. This is the story. In 1978 I owned Rod’s Auto Service. I wanted to expand and needed a partner to buy the building Doron is now in. I told my friend Ron about it and from there we became partners. The first three letters of Doron is my name, Rod, spelled backwards – the last three letters are for Ron.

Doron has been in business over 35 years. Doron was built on integrity, pride in workmanship and keeping the prices low without sacrificing quality. If you ask for a quote on repairs or whether repairs are worth doing, you will get an honest answer.

Almost everything in your vehicle is electronic, therefore, Doron uses the most up to date equipment, scanners and software to ensure your vehicle is repaired correctly. Our technicians are kept up to date.

We service all makes and models of vehicles, including classics and motorhomes. Doron offers a variety of services from simple oil changes to complex transmission repairs and engine replacements.

Doron has a clean and comfortable lobby, several vehicle bays, a dedicated staff, and the tools we need to make almost any type of repair. Our staff and modern facilities will ensure your service experience exceeds your expectations. Check out our gallery of photos below.

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From the time I could hold a wrench, I loved working on cars with my father and grandfather in the backyard. There’s nothing like working on a classic car – it’s old school, no electronics, just straightforward parts.

I personally own a few classic cars: 1964 Chrysler convertible, 1966 Plymouth Valiant and look forward to working on these. I have updated the Valiant with power steering and power brakes (for the wife). I have recently restored a 1968 Chevelle SS and will be starting a restoration on another – as you can see from the picture. I will post another picture once it’s completed.

Doron has had the privilege of working on many customers’ classic vehicles and have received many referrals from happy customers.


I have had my own motorhome for several years and am in the process of rebuilding another. Through word of mouth, I have had many customers want me to fix their motorhomes. They have been very happy and the word has spread.


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